The Nitty Gritty Details

Good advance planning and preparation is key to the success of your event


Good advance planning and preparation is key to the success of your event. This is done in a number of ways and stages and one our event managers will guide you through the process and assist with advice, ideas and recommendations at all times.

Ideas Meeting/Consultation

This can take place at any time before the event. We will make sure that you have the latest copy of our menus before the meeting and at this time we can take your initial ideas and preferences combined with our knowledge of food, wine and event experience to formulate an accurate idea of the style of event that you would like.

Having done this we can then prepare an initial personal proposal that incorporates all your preferences and put forward accurate costings. This proposal will then become an in progress working proposal that we can update and alter at any time later on.

Choosing a Menu

Following an initial meeting or conversation and given the overall style of the party we will advise on suitable menu dishes and ideas.
If having a seated meal we recommend that one menu is chosen for all guests with a vegetarian alternative where applicable. All dietary requirements for attending guests can be accommodated, the main dishes being served could be altered to be applicable or replacement ones designed.


Once you have confirmed your chosen menu we are delighted to be able to do a tasting of your menu as it would be served of the day of the event, (some dishes do not translate well into a tasting session but we will advise of this in advance).

  • The tasting is complimentary for 2 people, if you would like to bring additional guests to the tasting they will be charged at a nominal cost of £15 per person, added to your final invoice.
  • Tasting can only take place on mon– thurs by prior arrangement, weekend tastings are available on Sunday afternoons or evenings.


Saving and boking the date
We can book a date for you at any time and we ask for a deposit of £250 +vat along with the save the date form in order to confirm the intention to book.

Two weeks prior to the event

  • We will require full and final numbers of attendees.
  • Details of any specific dietary needs
  • A full guest list detailing on which tables guests are seated
  • Full required table plan floor layout

Event Day Preparation

We will attend the site on the days prior to the event day in order to facilitate set up, we will attend at any time and as many times as required but typically we would ensure the set up and positioning of the tables and laying of table cloths on the day before the day to allow for decoration and table dressing. Site kitchens and bar installations will be set in the days prior.

Event Day

On the day of the event we will use the final draught of the proposal as a working document in order to run the day. One of our event managers will be present on site from arrival in the morning in order to complete final set ups and until the completion of the event, this will ensure that the day runs smoothly and to plan.

As a part of the proposal we will document a time plan guide detailing the key points of the day, we will endeavour to run the day according to this time plan so as to ensure a smooth successful day and allow time for all planned activities.


All quoted figures are subject to vat at the time of invoicing.

A deposit of £250+vat is required to book a date
A further 85% of the estimated costs are required 2 weeks prior to the day, an invoice will be produced at this time.

After the event we will produce a full and detailed itemised invoice for all elements minus any prior payments, we ask that the balance be settled within 7 days of invoice being issued.